Account suspension and client segmentation

Hi Campaign Monitor,

I have been evaluating the best newsletter and list management tool for our agency to use and C.M. looks very promosing. Your product has a great feel with rich tools and features.

While it ticks many boxes for our needs, aspects that I am concerned about are: our agency's reputation as a whole, our relationship with clients and their quality of service delivery.

Something that is all very much at risk by account suspension/termination on a master level as is the current C.M. policy.

In following certain threads and news, you are stating that there is expected to be a new method of dealing with rogue clients. It would be reassuring if one of our clients is deemed to be suspended, that they are dealt as an individual entity and not as a communal entity.

I do not want to deal with innocent clients who have no relation to the suspended party, apart from using our agency, on why their newsletters scheduled to be released with a key marketing campaign is suspended too.

I know this is of concern to a number of your users and that they would love to hear what is happening on this front.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi PureTek, sorry for the delay on this, it seems this post slipped under our radar.

I can confirm that we have made a change to how account suspension is handled, and this will be going live some time in the next couple of weeks. This update ensures that a single bad client will only see their client account being closed, and not the master account.

We've also made some changes to the login errors a banned client will see, and a range of other tweaks to ensure our resellers relationship with all their clients can never be jeopardized by one misbehaving client. We'll be sure to announce in the blog as soon as this update is live.

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