Odd question marks appearing when I send an email

Hi there - I'm spending ages getting my emails right but then some people receive them displaying loads of odd characters / question marks!

The html for one of the emails is:


I THINK it must be something to do with encoding, can anyone help?

It looks fine on my mac in both mail, gmail, hotmail but on a Windows Vista Machine in South Africa all the questions marks are to be seen both when images are displayed or not.

supernath, 7 years ago

Warning: I'm rather fuzzy about proper use here, please doublecheck this is correct usage before you send an email doing this.

Are you using any international characters? I noticed you are using charset=utf-8, maybe try charset=iso-8859-1 and see how it goes.

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hey predicaments, can you specify some of the characters that are becoming question marks? Also, what specific email client is it?

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
predicaments, 7 years ago
Diana :

Hey predicaments, can you specify some of the characters that are becoming question marks? Also, what specific email client is it?

Hi Diana - well the thing is if you look at the html you can see that it is not any character that is becomming a question mark but simply an empty table cell?

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

predicaments, I actually can't see any question marks, that's why I asked :). I'm also using Windows Vista (like like subscriber you mentioned). Some certain things like quotation marks, apostrophes, etc can go screwy and display as question marks in certain circumstances in certain email clients. That's why I asked exactly what was breaking and where. I'm not seeing anything at all obvious in the code, no reason anything should break.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
penny0l0, 7 years ago

I've just had a client tell me one of his clients received something similar. ?utf-8?Q?? This appeared in the subject line, before the personalization, which was the first thing in the subject line. Everything looked good in tests on Mac, Windows XP with both Outlook and Outlook Express, and Windows Vista. I notice that when I look at the source code on a couple of different emails I've put together this week, this is what appears in the subject line:

Subject: =?utf-8?Q??=

If it's helpful, this is the personalization code I used: [FIRSTNAME,FALLBACK=].

Is the problem perhaps with how I've done the personalization?

penny0l0, 7 years ago

Anyone have thoughts on this problem?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

What email program is your client's client using, do you know? That will help us track it down. The subject line is encoded in UTF-8 to allow for lots of different languages to be rendered properly.

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