Hello folks,

We want to create some basic reports of recent campaigns using the API functions but unfortunately the campaignGetSummary function does not return a complete overview:

- total opens are returned but not the unique opens. Without unique opens its not possible to calculate the amount of 'not opened'.
- unsubscriptions are returned but not the amount of 'marked as spam' which are also unsubscriptions in a different way ( campaignGetUnsubscribes does return unsubscribes+marked as spam which is what I would prefer)

At the moment we're doing 4 API requests for each campaign, which is terribly slowing down the process, for example campaignGetOpens and campaignGetUnsubscribes. It would be great if all could be done in one request with campaignGetSummary!

Kind regards,

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Pete,

Thanks for your feedback, I'll add those to our request list internally.

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