Shared email addresses

Hi all,
my problem is this: sometimes I have lists where 2 people (say a husband and wife business) share the same email address. I want to be able in those circumstances, to personalize the email differently - maybe use both their names, or say 'Dear suchandsuch team, ...'.

I can't see a way to do this, because there is no way to say something conditional like "if there are 2 contact names, then use field x, if there's 1 contact name then use field y" within a template.

The only other way I can see of doing it would be to manually put 2 names into 1 field. My problem there is that if I import a list where the husband and wife have seperate records but the same email address, one gets de-duped. Furthermore, I don't get a report that tells me which emails were duplicates and therefore de-duped. If I had this, I could at least have a reference list with which to go through the imported list manually, changing the necessary fields.

Any solutions gratefully received!

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi gazzur,

I'm afraid there isn't really a simple way to manage this with Campaign Monitor. Your best bet is to get the name data right on your end before importing it into your account. Sorry we couldn't be more helpful.

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