Paying for bounces

One of my clients asked me yesterday why they should have to pay for bounces. Hmm... I wasn't too sure what to tell them at the time. If an email never makes it to its destination why should they be charged?

One answer I can come up with is that it was bounced from the receiver's end and that is not really my (or Campaign Monitor's) problem - we fulfilled our obligation to send the email. Is that the general school of thought? Personally I would like a better reason to give to the client, but it's late in the afternoon and I can't think of one... surely someone must have a more sophisticated answer!

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi Kate,

Not sure if it's a "sophisticated answer", but you were pretty much on the money before. I'd also go one step further and make sure they consider the maintenance costs for bounces. not only are you sending the email to that address, you're also handling the bounce in an intelligent way, automatically removing that subscriber from your list and then providing a report on the result.

This process ensures your list stays clean and you're never sending to people who don't exist or clearly aren't interested in hearing from you any more.

You could also suggested adding a preference center to your email, which will encourage those subscribers that might be moving to a new email address to update your records and avoid a bounce in the future.

kateb, 8 years ago

Thanks Dave - perfect answer :-)

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