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I am more of a middleman than a designer myself and tend to outsource the design side of things. I have found it difficult to find someone for the right price to design my email templates. There are plenty of good, affordable web designers out there but as you know, you need extra knowledge to create an attractive and usable email design.

Am I the only one in this situation? If not, perhaps the Campaign Monitor guys should consider creating a "Jobs request" forum. Or if you're a freelancer, feel free to get in touch at info@ricksure.com.au

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

You are definitely not the only one! We do hear fairly often from people who are looking for a designer to help them out with a newsletter design, especially designers used to Campaign Monitor.

If you are a designer who is looking for some design gigs like this, then please leave a comment below, because more people will be finding this thread later on looking for help too. If it turns out to be helpful and popular, we'll look at sticking a permanent jobs request forum in.

So who is going to kick things off?

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laney laney, 10 years ago

I mainly design websites, but have had more and more requests for email templates...clients want to do more themselves.. and I'm happy to help.. www.elfdesigns.com.au

check out my portfolio here www.elfdesigns.com.au/pages/portfolio.htm

Elana Findlow
affordable webdesign for small business
designkarma designkarma, 10 years ago

I'm an experienced web designer and developer. I specialise in web standards, CSS and XHTML development, plus Flash and Actionscript. I am also a member of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network of developers. Feel free to contact me for estimates.

DesignKarma: Make the right decisions and good things happen.
Paul Paul, 10 years ago


I'd love to throw myself in the mix! The website should answer most of the standard questions. We have utilised Campaign Monitor for numerous email campaigns some of which you can see here.

Trafffic is looking to launch a re-branded version of the system in the near future. Please contact me if you have any other questions.

Paul Schena

Trafffic: Branding, Print, Web Development, Marketing
leggo-my-eggo leggo-my-eggo, 10 years ago

Hat Head Studios provides a wide variety of professional design services including standards-compliant XHTML/CSS web development and email template design. I have worked with Campaign Monitor and MailBuild in the past, and would love to hear from you about designing your email template.

Hat Head Studios LLC
Michael Mahoney, Designer & Owner
johndawson, 10 years ago


With over ten years experience in web development and online marketing, you can have the assurance that your email campaigns will be handled with precision and in accordance with industry best practices with Dawson Interactive.

As a Manager, Email Marketing for a major global corporation, I've have ample experience working with industry-leading email service providers such as Harte-Hankes Postfuture, Silverpop, and Email Labs. And as owner and chief developer for my independent online marketing firm, Dawson Interactive, I've had similar experience in email marketing, web design and development.

I've been impressed by the excellence and simplicity that Campaign Monitor brings to this industry. In my opinion, they pack a powerful punch as a stand-alone email service provider. And I would love to partner with you, using Campaign Monitor's exceptional service, to ensure that your next email campaign is a success.


John Dawson
Dawson Interactive
Online marketing and web development since 1996

PaulMycroft PaulMycroft, 10 years ago

I have been designing and developing web sites for small- and medium-sized businesses since 1999 and have been building fully-tested, solid email templates for the past 2 years thanks to Campaign Monitor/MailBuild. Everything I do is web standards-based so you know you are getting a web site that works in all environments and an email that performs in all major email clients.

I also have a lot of experience with the search engines so will also build your site from the start so it performs well in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN after launch. Even if you have a site that requires SEO, I can definitely help.

Despite living in Ohio in the USA, I am able to work for any client in any part of the world, time delays permitting! Please take a look at my web site and feel free to contact me any time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Paul Mycroft

Kind regards,
Paul Mycroft
johnlanglois, 10 years ago

Located in Estillfork, Alabama, www.foggybottomwebdesign.com is focused on providing a superior website development environment using an array of advanced graphics, standards compliant methods and pinch of Southern fun.

Small business clients now have an opportunity to use the tools the large firms do without having to pay for extra staff and equipment.

Our basic development rate is $65.00 per.  Come see us.

rick.whittington, 10 years ago

We're a web design and marketing firm located in Richmond, Virginia, and we have lots of experience designing effective HTML and text e-mail newsletters.  We've done work for some of the top retailers in America as well as small businesses.  We follow this blog (and others) so we know how to do e-mail the right way, and the effective way.

If anyone's interested, you can contact me through my site at http://www.rickwhittington.com/consulting/contact.html or if you'd like to speak over the phone, call 804.363.4861.

Kind regards,

Rick Whittington


computerguy16, 10 years ago

I'm a young web developer looking for some experience. I'm perfect for what you want. I've got the knowhow to build what you need and I am willing to do the project for less than all of these designers. I'm well versed in HTML, CSS, and email design.
I'll test your template in all email clients to ensure that it renders correctly, and I 100% guarantee my work. You've got nothing to lose, send me an email and we'll get to work.

CleverDick CleverDick, 10 years ago

Thanks for all the responses. I will keep you in mind for future projects.

Rich, 10 years ago

I have years of experience building web standards compliant XHTML and CSS websites and website templates. I also build email templates and use both Campaign Monitor and MailBuild. I'd be happy to hear from you, just visit the web template expert website.


Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Thanks for adding your details guys - a lot of potential customers have already looked over this list, so it's worthwhile being here.

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jaladesign, 10 years ago

Jala Design is a new media design company based in Sydney Australia. We offer strategic marketing advice and design services to companies of all sizes across multiple business sectors. The design team has years of experience working in business and design agencies, covering many sectors and at a wide variety of developmental stages.

Clients benefit from Jala Design’s unique methodology and low cost structure which provides recognisable value for money. Our first priority is to understand your needs and objectives before beginning any creative process.

You can find out additional information about Jala Design Pty Ltd at www.jaladesign.com.au

nvanderv nvanderv, 10 years ago


TP1 Internet 360 is a Montreal, Quebec, Canada web agency specialized in creating, producing and managing interactive solutions. We deliver online projects through a combination of imagination and expertise. More than just an online production company, we’re also a business partner!

We have designed numerous newsletters for our clients. You can check out our latest work at the following address: www.tp1.ca/en/projects/enewsletters.

Contact us for more information: info@tp1.ca.

style campaign style campaign, 10 years ago

We're a small email marketing and photography boutique located in Los Angeles.
We have been designing HTML emails for a number of years now and have sent out hundreds on behalf of our clients.

Check out our website www.stylecampaign.com - view a sample of over 45 of our favorite emails.

We specialize in creating emails for the retail industry. Most of our clients are in apparel and accessories though not all. We love doing your photography too! We know how hard it is to find affordable digital and film product photography services. We did the photography for around 70% of the emails on our site which makes it really easy for you to put together an email.

Email me for more info or a rates sheet at anna@stylecampaign.com


Anna Yeaman
Style Campaign

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Thanks for dropping by guys, and if you have any of your own ideas or questions, please feel free to start other threads on the forum.

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sam@nitevibe.com sam@nitevibe.com, 10 years ago

Who we’re looking for:
We're seeking a expert designer-coder who knows everything about CSS Design and standards, abilities, limitations and hacks for both web and email clients templates for urban nightlife dj & dance website

The problem to solve:
Because of the web’s inherent lack of unified standards and compatibility issues among different browsers & email clients, we’re having a difficult time designing a hip & forward looking  one-page-site which also needs to be converted into both an email newsletter, printer-friendly template and finally a simple text layout. So we’ve concluded 4 versions of the same template will be needed.

What we already have:
We’ve done the layout design already, which maybe the problem as it could be bad design & layout (so I’m also open to a new design layout and structure), but otherwise here’s what we’ll need:

The work:
Here are the four versions of our Newsletter that need both design and coding work:

1) HTML Email: must be coded with in-line CSS styles. Images and markup must be optimized for today’s popular email client standards (Outlook (2003 & 2007), Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail)

2) Web Template: Must use an external CSS stylesheet and be optimized and compliant across PC and Mac operating system and all main browsers. (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)

3) Print Template: A print version of the newsletter will also be needed. This template should mirror the newsletter as close as possible and use proper text styling using a CSS stylesheet.

4) Simple Text template

If your interested in this gig please forward your portfolio work to sam@nitevibe.com


Wayde Christie Wayde Christie, 10 years ago

Any updates on the possibility of starting a jobs forum?

Something I'd like also is a Campaign Monitor Pro Network. The ExpressionEngine one is great.

digitaldaz digitaldaz, 9 years ago


I'm based in the North West, UK and have just merged with another design company. My work has predominately been web based including newsletter design.

Check out our portfolios; http://www.freshspace.co.uk/portfolio and http://www.hydrant.co.uk/our_portfolio to see what we've done. Oh one of my newsletters which is featured in the Campaign Monitor gallery: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/gallery/H2FjiZdhiV0%3d/view.aspx

Hydrant ltd

Techmaster05, 9 years ago

Hey Whats up, im a webdesigner (TM Designs) and ive been looking for some customers, my work can be seen at www.Techmaster05.deviantart.com, i make proffesional designs but i do now know how to get my name out their so i can have more customers. I cant code html or any type of coding, i can only design. Im located in America (EST Time Zone). Not sure what I should do now so umm... hit me up if someone needs me, Thank You.

rogermbyrne, 9 years ago

maybe the designers could 'proove' there design skill's AND increase their exposure by helping out commenting on technical enquiries!!!???? :)

21 comment's to I need a designer and quack quack a big fat 0 for some technical help!!

the scales of balance need adjusting me thinks!

Stormy Stormy, 9 years ago

Hi Roger,

I'm not sure how that'd help - design and technical expertises are very different things. There might be some overlap depending on the individual, but the idea of CM is that CM are the providers of technical wizardry, and the designers get to concentrate on what they do best - designing! :)

If you've some technical difficulties, it might be better to contact support.

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
paulstone paulstone, 9 years ago


I'm a freelance web designer in London, UK.  I do a lot of web-based work, including designing and sending out email marketing campaigns through Campaign Monitor.

If you want to have a quick discussion about your email design needs, or indeed want me to quote on a piece of work, please get in touch through my website.


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