Email authentication problem for my IT dept

I recently requested to my IT department to add the domainkeys and senderID info CM suggests as beneficial to our DNS records.

The response back from my IT dept was that they had reviewed this from a security standpoint and were unwilling to add them as if Campaign Monitor became blacklisted then so too would our organisation. Is this true?

If it is IT hogwash does anyone have any words that might convince my IT department otherwise to do this request?

Cheers in advance

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi, email authentication and DNS can be a confusing thing, but it looks like your IT team might be a bit off the mark there. Your DomainKeys record simply gives the green light to Campaign Monitor's servers to deliver mail on your behalf by proving our relationship.

This key is unique to your domain, and isn't shared by any other Campaign Monitor customers. It's safe to say that adding these records in no way impacts the deliverability of any other mail you send.

if you need any more info on this, or would like our help working with your team, let us know. We're here to help.

cov_uni, 8 years ago

Hi Dave,

Here is my IT Dept actual response:
The IT members raised serious concerns regarding Coventry University being associated with a mailing house and the implications this may have on the University’s reputation.

Additionally were we to implement this change it is very likely that Coventry University e-mail addresses would be blacklisted and some outgoing e-mail treated as SPAM, which would also impact negatively on the institution.

We can, however, offer you some alternative solutions and should you wish to explore these options please feel free to contact Steve Rogers by e-mail to discuss further.
Do you have a response to this?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

There isn't much detail there for us to respond to - your IT department has just stated " it is very likely that Coventry University e-mail addresses would be blacklisted" which has no real facts to back it up.

Campaign Monitor's servers are not blacklisted, and we have an excellent sending reputation because we spend a huge amount of time making sure we send permission based email, monitor feedback loops and whitelistings and contacting anyone who does blacklist us to get off the list.

Also, the domain keys and sender ID stuff won't make any difference at all to the email not sent via Campaign Monitor, it is only relevant to campaigns you send through us.

Many universities around the world already use Campaign Monitor, and they don't have any of the problems your IT guys are worried about. It seems like they might just have had some bad experience in the past, or are generally sceptical of the industry, not of Campaign Monitor specifically.

If they have any specific concerns, we'd be happy to answer them.

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