Batch editing of subcription lists

Hi there, I've been using MailChimp till now, but am interested in moving over to Campaign Monitor (seems a far more robust, streamlined system).

The list I have transferred over from MailChimp contains customers, distributors, internal employees, etc, and on MailChimp I had them tagged accordingly, so I could send an email to a segment of the list that were 'distributors' from 'Europe'.

My problem is that now when I've transferred the list over, I can't see any way to easily go through and tag the subscribers in bulk (i.e. see the list of addresses, and just tick what type of contact they are, where they are from etc), at the moment I'm having to go through about 3 pages per individual address just to be able to 'tag' it appropriately, rather than being able to do them in bulk.

I realise your system is designed to be automated, but for someone like myself this lack of batch editing is a real hindrence to persuading my management to change systems.

Would appreciate any advice you may have on the matter.


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Chris,

Thanks for making the switch. When you exported your list from MailChimp, did you also export all of this additional subscriber data (type, location, etc). if so, when you import this list, you can match this data up with a custom field in your list so it will also be stored in Campaign Monitor.

Once the data is in there, you can then easily use our segments feature to send targeted campaigns to specific types of users. You can read all about our segments feature here.

If that doesn't answer your question or you have anything else you need a hand with, don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

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