Personalization Tag's - am I missing flexibility in the system?

Hi again,

I'm analysing the use of personalisation tags in Campaign monitor and have hit a stumbling block.

I've been using tags in my email HTML

ex. Dear [fullname,fallback=industry professional]

and they have all worked as expected.

I'm now trying to manage custom fields of existing contact lists and I have something like

ex. Company (edit) [Company,fallback=]

To me it looks as though I can put in an automatic fallback for any entry without that information but I can't see how.

A use of this, for example, would be if I was sending out to 2 groups - let's say Rail Industry and Car Industry.

On the rail industry subscriber list i would want - Company [Company,fallback=Rail Industry Professional]

And the car industry subscriber list i would want - Company [Company,fallback=Auto Industry Professional]

Ok, not the best examples :) But I think there's credit behind the thinking. Is this possible to do? Have I missed this functionality?

quena, 7 years ago

You could use a multi-value field say, "Industry" that stores values like "Rail industry colleague", "Auto industry colleague", etc., and then use

Dear [Industry,fallback=] colleague,

(When there's no value in the "Industry" field, the extra space would likely not display in HTML emails, but would in plain text emails.)

Or, if the value "colleague" is the default value for that multi-value field (which I think you'd have to ensure by customizing your subscriber form), then you could use

Dear [Industry,fallback=],


Dear [Salutation,fallback=],

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