Need Pre-Sales Support (Again)

(Note: I'm still getting an error trying to use the contact us form, so I'm hoping to get an answer again from Dave here. Sorry for cluttering the Forums with this kind of posting.)

Hi Dave,

After getting a response in the forums yesterday from you I got myself set up with a test account. Your product is really quite amazing! I have a couple of questions to ask before recommending CampaignMonitor to our client:

1) When exporting reports, I found that the All recipients, Opened and Clicked report exports includes columns for the custom attributs that I configured for my list of subscribers. But when I go to Link Click Activity, and then click the 'who' link for a particular URL, that export only includes Name, Email and Total Clicks. Is there a step I can take to get my custom attributes in that report? Or is there a web service API call I can make to get at the link click activity report that would 'join in' my custom attributes in its output?

2) When sending my test campaign, I found that for folks within my company, the email went to the Outlook Junk E-mail folder (we use Outlook 2007). One of the recipients was my personal Yahoo email account, and the emails never appeared in either the Yahoo emaill Spam folder nor my Yahoo email inbox. So I'm a bit concerned about whether emails being sent via CampaignMonitor will be seen by my target audience. I assume you can see things in my account. If you need my permission to look, you have it. My test account is set up on (Can you take a look and see why my emails to Yahoo didn't go through? I did have my name on two different email addresses.)

If you can get back to me on these points as soon as possible I would really appreciate it. We're trying to choose a vendor for our client who will be sending a campaign to about 1M recipients. (Our client is a very well respected, legitimate 501c(3) institution.)


Brian Eriksen
Senior Architect
Discovery Logic, Inc.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

hi Brian,

In answer to your questions:

1. No, I'm afraid it isn't possible to export the custom fields with those reports, but we'll take your feedback on board for future consideration.

2. These ones are always tough. Most of the time it is content based filtering that causes things to be put into junk folders, and that can just take some experimentation.

We can tell our emails are being delivered in general through deliverability monitoring and seed lists, and we know we are not listed on blacklists. If the emails don't bounce though, it is pretty tough for us to know exactly where they got to in individual cases.

Having said that, a list of the size you mention is probably not ideal for Campaign Monitor - we'd recommend looking for a service that specialises in larger lists.

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