DNS error


I'm trying to set up my custom domain but I keep getting this error:

"Sorry, we couldn't verify email.(mydomain).com

We just checked your DNS records and found that your cname record is name.createsend.com

To verify your custom domain please change the record to cname.createsend.com"

My DNS record does show it to be "cname.createsend.com", actually it has the period "cname.createsend.com." and it gets added automatically once I save it, but campaign monitor does not catch it.

Yes, I had lunch before verifying. It did not help.

I'm on a MediaTemple Dedicated Virtual server. I'm managing my DNS records via their Account Center (not plesk) and my domain is hosted with another registrar.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago


I just did a DNS lookup from our servers and your custom domain is showing as pointing to      name.createsend.com rather than cname.createsend.com. Is it possible the c was cut off when you added the records? Or perhaps it was wrong at some point and corrected? In that case the change just might not have propagated to us yet. Sometimes what helps is to completely delete it and start over.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
weborithm weborithm, 8 years ago

I've redone it and submitted a ticket to MT as well. I guess I'll just wait and check back later.

The "c" could have been cut off the first time I entered it (d'oh!), the correction probably hasn't propagated itself yet.


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