Setting up a contract for clients

Hi there,

I represent a graphic and web studio who are starting to introduce Campaign Monitor to our client base as we currently use it ourselves to send out our email campaigns. 

I was just wondering if anyone has a template for a contract to give to our clients for email marketing (using Campaign Monitor).

Also, do I have to make our clients aware that we are using Campaign Monitor in the contract?

Hope you guys can help.

Thanks :)

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

While it's not a business contact as such, I definitely recommend asking your clients to sign off on our permission requirements to ensure they follow our anti-spam guidelines moving forward.

You can grab these handouts/contracts here.

Anyone else got anything a little more formal they'd care to share?

Paolaz, 9 years ago

Thanks Dave for that, the handouts should come in handy...will have to work on the contract side of things I guess...

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