How to advertise a re-branded version of CM?

How do you promote a re-branded version of CM? Currently i'm looking into Google AdWords. Has anyone had any experience of this and was it a success ?

I'm also looking into handing flyer's round my local town to see if i get any leads from that, again has anyone tried this?

Any other methods been tried by you guys to generate more business?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

A lot of customers are using Campaign Monitor as an extra service to their existing web design clients, which makes it a lot easier to get leads.

Others target a particular industry or niche of businesses that often need newsletters. For example,

You might be able to do that for sports clubs or local stores perhaps.

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cloud123, 7 years ago

Thanks for your comments Mathew. Yeah i am currently looking into different niche markets i could target. With regards AdWords, i'm trying to setup a system by which i can advertise and get people to sign up to my service online without much interaction from my side. Just wondering if anyone has had much success with using AdWords ti generate new clients?

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