Different State values returned by Subscriber.GetSubscriber not docume

Can you update the documentation for Subscriber.GetSubscriber? the values for State are missing, including description when a particalur state is activated.


Jason Jason, 8 years ago

Hi Marco,

The states you can expect to receive back from the method call are as follows, and they match to their active and inactive status counterparts from within the app itself.

Deleted - Manually deleted via the interface
Unsubscribed - Unsubscribed, either from a campaign, form or API
Bounced - The subscriber has been removed from active status due to a hard bounce
Unconfirmed - The subscriber has not yet clicked the confirmation link for a double opt-in list
Spam - The subscriber has marked one of your campaigns as spam, and was removed from your list
Suppressed - The subscriber was removed from the list due to unsubscribing from another within the same client

I'll also look to get this information included in the API doucmentation. Hope this helps.

mdissel, 8 years ago

Thanks.. Somewhere i also read something about the status Pending.. (not sure what this means), but i understand that status does not exists. Correct?

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