Hi All,

I am new here and am just geting started with CM after using Yesmail for a while. I have a question regards suppression lists. I have just imported our subscriber list, which I did first, then imported the suppression list.

Does the suppression list only unsubscribe when ever an import occurs? Or when it comes to sending, does CM build a send list, purging emails in the suppression list against a subscriber list?

Basically I would like reassurance that anything in the suppression list will never get an campaign email, even if they are in the subscriber list.It sys on the manage suppresison list page, 'Whenever you add new subscribers, we'll automatically scrub it against this list', so does the order in which I imported our lists above matter?


Blake, 7 years ago

Hi Oli,

Yes, the order in which you import the lists does matter. When you import subscribers the suppression list stops addresses on the list being added to your active list, however it still allows people to sign-up through other means, such as web forms.

Addresses on your active list are still e-mailed even if they are on your suppression list, so you should setup the suppression list before you import your subscribers.

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