getting name & surname csv fields into campaign monitor Name field


I am wondering the best way to do this... if my csv contains firstname,lastname,email

how do i get firstname,lastname into CM as the Name field? so far i've concatenated the 2 names in Excel to create a fullname field, but I presumed CM would do this for me somehow so i could use the [FirstName], [LastName] personalisation rather than eg creating a custom field for FirstName (which then comes out for personalization as [FirstName1]

thanks for any advice

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi J,

To use the name field you would need to combine your first and last name columns together into 1 column, just as you did. After that just import your data and define that combined field as Name.

We don't automatically combine them for you. Instead the [firstname] and [lastname] tags use some logic that pull the first and last words from that field and display those as the names.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
jmp909, 8 years ago

Hi thanks for that

I thought i'd post some handy excel code for people to use for personalisation

1) if first name is 1 character long or the 2nd character of the name is a full stop/period eg "J." or "J.P" etc then it leaves the name blank. this is only if you want to avoid "Dear J" or "Dear A.H." etc and revert to fallback instead. The downside is your customer name is not stored at all

It also capitalises the name properly

=CONCATENATE(IF(AND(LEN(A2)>1,MID(A2,2,1)<>"."),PROPER(A2),""),IF(AND(LEN(A2)>1,MID(A2,2,1)<>".")," ",""),IF(AND(AND(LEN(A2)>1,MID(A2,2,1)<>"."),LEN(B2>1)),PROPER(B2),""))


R Piers => blank
R.H. Hetherington => blank
Joe P => Joe P
Joe => Joe

obviously this is a matter of preference. some people might want to use "Dear J"


To add firstname + surname, capitalise it properly and just use firstname or surname if either is blank with the relevant spaces

also for just firstname + surname with appropriate spacing (ie if firstname is blank it just puts the surname in)

=CONCATENATE(IF(A2<>"",PROPER(A2),""),IF(A2<>""," ",""),IF(B2<>"",PROPER(B2),""))
emedia, 8 years ago

Thanks for the Excel code jmp909,

You just saved me (and I'm sure many others) many hours of work!

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