Integrating CM with an existing form


I been trying to understand the process of integrating an existing form with CM. I've had a good read through the 'Capturing subscribers from an existing form' help page and many forum posts and am still struggling to figure out the process...

• I have an existing form that uses the famous old FormMail script to send an email with the form's contents to my client. The form includes a checkbox labeled "Join our mailing list?".

• When the user submits the form I would like my client to receive the form content in an email as usual (currently using the FormMail script) AND add their name and email address to a CM subscriber list IF they have checked the box "Join our mailing list?"

Of the two methods suggested in the help doc mentioned above, the API seems to be the favored choice but it seems to have a relatively steep learning curve for somebody new to API's and PHP. The other method is using a redirect and while it seems simpler, I'm still not sure how to integrate it into my setup.

Does anybody have some clear advice on which is the best method for me to use or could point me in the direction of a 'how-to' aimed at a programming novice?

Many thanks for any help, it's greatly appreciated!

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