Secure method of retrieving Client ID


I'm working on an application for our clients, using the API.

Some of the features require use of the Client ID. I'd like the client to use the same U & P they use to log in to the system. Is there any way to retrieve the Client ID using their U & P?

The only way I've thought it may be possible is by creating another web application which takes a username and returns the Client ID, but I'd have to manually administer that, which is a step in the wrong direction for me.



Alex D, 7 years ago

You should be able to do this all via the API.

First get a list of all your client ID's

Then go through the list and get the details for each client.

You can now authenticate the client against the user name and password instead of them needing to know the client ID.

Of coarse depending on how many clients you have this could be a lot of requests over the API... If I was doing this I would store all the client details returned from this on a local database and then authenticate from that. You could run a cron job to regrab the data from CM once a day...

Client.GetDetail does not show a "Last updated" date/time stamp, and that is a shame. If they did you could easily compare update time on CM vs local data and sync them... Oh well.. Another feature request.. .

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