Couple of template questions

I'm currently working on a new template for a client and I've run into a couple snags.  This newsletter has a banner graphic that changes each time it's sent (same size, similar title, different images).  This is easy enough to fix but they want to be able to change the h1 title color each time they send this out.  In the editor one can change the font color for text in the description repeater field but not in the title repeater field.  I don't want to create a new template each time they send out an e-mail as this would defeat the purpose of a template they can edit on their own.  Any ideas on a good work around?

The second issue is the ability (or lack thereof) for placing an image inline.  I can add an image easily enough using the template tags but these will always reside in a fixed location in relation to the repeater section.  I might want an image to sit on the right side of the third paragraph.  Other then going into the source and hand-coding an image link (which will have to reside on the clients web server somewhere and FTP will need to be involved at this point), is there another way around this, something I'm missing in the template documentation?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for your email - both of these issues are actually restrictions of the template system, and it isn't currently possible to modify the colours or add inline images in other locations..

We will add your votes to our list of suggestions though, to consider for the future.

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stubear, 8 years ago

That's a shame.  Since this is a SaaS application any idea how often features get added?  How difficult could it really be to add the same text controls to the title text area form field?

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