methods for confirming newsletter signup?

so, as we know, we can easily set a page to kick the user back to on the site that confirms their signup. Or, you could just kick them back over to the splash page of the site and hope they understand that they were added.

well, anyone else here come up with a neater way to confirm to them that they have signed up? Maybe by popping a pop-up window upon submission, doing some sort of div layer that expands, maybe a shadowbox effect to show a confirmation, versus building a whole new confirm page?

I just wonder what others might have come up with that is neater than a full blown confirm page and/or of it is even possible to do something other than a full blown confirm page given the way the system works?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


Have you seen our AJAX signup form example? That might be what you need:

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SlowYourRoll SlowYourRoll, 8 years ago

where can you see some working examples using that AJAX method? I see the code and setup, but not an/some examples.

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