Receiving Test Campaigns - Exchange 2007 Rejection

Hello all,
  This seems to be a common enough problem but I can't find a good solution.  the posts I found searching the forum didn't seem to indicate what the fix was, just that something was fixed and those people were ok now.

We can't receive our own test emails or ultimately the campaign email.   I've talked to my server tech and he sent back this:    "Whitelisting is not possible. The blocking of these external emails with internal domains happens before spam whitelisting takes place"

Since that was the fix in the FAQ, I'm now wondering if anyone else found a way around this "quirk".
I know it won't affect our other recipients, but I still wish I could fix this.    We're running Exchange 2007. 

We have another domain that simply redirects to our website when put into a browser, but I'm going to try sending a campaign from "" and still have the reply to email as our customer service department.
The alternate domain has not been authenticated because we've never used it before.  I'll update this entry again with the results, so hopefully it'll help someone else as well.


ebbhitch, 8 years ago

With Exchange 2007 running for  (example only)

From:  (unauthenticated at the time of the test)
Reply To:

We were able to get around the Exchange server's rules.   

I've written our hosting company to have them setup the authentication for the second domain and will run the SPAM test over the campaign tomorrow morning to make sure this still all passes muster.

Guess this all does answer my own question, but I hope it'll help others get past this faster.

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