AJAX subscription form

The AJAX subscription form as posted in the tips & resources section is not compatible with other forms on the same page. I noticed that when I use a login form that is on the same page as the subscription form it alerts to enter a correct email even though there is no email field in the login form.

The solution is to change the javascript in the subscription form:

$(":submit").click(function() {
$("#subcription_submit").click(function() {

and add
to the submit input field.

Maybe you can update the demo files accordingly.

Kind regards,

DavidMartin, 7 years ago

Hey Pete,

Nice catch.  I've updated the demo files.  I changed that line to:

$("#subForm :submit").click(function() {

This way we don't have to add an additional ID to the form. Thanks for your help with this.

Dave Martin

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