Campaign.Create 310 error paser definately works!

Hi Getting issues when trying to create a campaign.

By the looks of it is nothing to do with the paser I use as it works for the campaign monitor demo urls....

These are the results I get for the following html and txt content urls.


Produces a 310 error Now produces a 312 error! … index.html
AND … ersion.txt

Produces a new ID!

So what am I doing wrong??!??!
header's on the generated pages?
I can't see anything wrong with the pages and the passer obviously works as it makes the new Id if I use the campaign monitor urls....

Anyone got any suggestions?



dmTest, 8 years ago

Ok well I got rid of the 310 error, which in itself was not much help as it is actually to do with the template.

All I changed was this :

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="">

to this:

   <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

Maybe you need another message saying html incorect format? Or make a note in the documentation that this can be caused by cm not being able to read the contents of the file?

I now get 312 error....... joy...... I really can't see why this happens, there is nothing much I can change here apart from encoding which is utf-8. Is it header related? I changed the document format but not makes no difference.

Phil Phil, 8 years ago

Hi dmTest,

As discussed in the support request, your server seems to be including two Content-Type headers:
1. text/html, charset=UTF-8
2. text/plain, charset=UTF-8

This is unnecessary (only the text header is needed) and is causing problems in the parser. We've created a bug report to handle concatenated content-types better, but it should be fixable by modifying server settings.

Hope that helps,

dmTest, 8 years ago

Wow that's weird my fault!

Had a space in the default header code, interesting the browsers go for the last one and not the first.... HTTP Fox said it was text/plain and so did the web dev kit but I decided to look at it using packet peeper (mostly because I was in disbelief at what you said!) and bang:

Content-Type : text/html; charset=utf-8


Content-Type: plain/html; charset=utf-8

Thanks for the help!


Phil Phil, 8 years ago

No worries Dan, glad i could help out. I only found it at first through debugging then confirmed it with a packet sniffer. Definitely not an easy one to spot!

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