Images missing in campaign after a week


We're seeing a bit of an odd issue.  Last week our client sent out a campaign based on a template we created for them.  The template contained multiple <$imagesrc$> tags to allow them to specify images.  The e-mail was sent out correctly, with all the images in place, but when we reviewed it this week, we found that all the images bar the first one, the header, were missing.  The src attributes for the <img> tags are populated, but the URLs it populates them with give 404s when viewed in a browser.

We'd like to keep the old newsletters visible as they were sent in an archive, so naturally this is a big problem for us.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why the images could have disappeared like this?

Thanks in advance,


OwenMJ, 7 years ago


This problem has continued for us, so I'd appreciate any feedback on it.  Our client is preparing their next mailshot for this month, so naturally they're keen for this problem to not reoccur.

Kind regards,


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