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It would be really great if CM had a "public" Feature Request system. I read on your blog way back how you hired interns to do odd little programing tasks such as your "Lunch system" (Very cool by the way)...

Any how, quite often when browsing the forums, I see some good requests that multiple people add there "Votes" on to.

If there was a dedicated "Feature Request" system, where users could properly cast a vote for a given feature, then we could better see what others feel are important and also see where CM stands in issues. For example each request could have a "status" such as "Request", "In Consideration", "Planned", "Implemented" 

Seems would be a lot better then the current forum system of users saying things like "vote++" or "add my vote"


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Alex, thanks for the very thoughtful request. While all the intentions of a feature request system, which is essentially a product roadmap, sound good, they also have their fair share of problems.

Almost every feature we add to Campaign Monitor is based on customer requests. But, in most cases, it's not the most requested features that make it into the product every time. We need to balance what a usually vocal minority are asking for with the needs of all our customers and our long-term vision for the product.

By making these requests public, we're essentially creating a public roadmap that would set unrealistic expectations for our customers. There are other times when we decide to go ahead with a feature, mock it up and then realize it's actually not the best match for the product. By publicly admitting it's under development, saying no in these situations would be much harder.

Because of these reasons, I'm afraid we'll probably never publish a feature voting system or product roadmap. At the same time, I can confirm that we do tally up every customer request internally. We also store where that request came from and what the customer asked for so we can have a detailed look at how a customer would use a feature. This then informs our design decisions when implementing that feature. We're definitely listening.

Alex D, 8 years ago

Fair enough, and your right, On further thought, I probably wouldn't publish a public feature request system for my own app !!

Cheers, and keep up the great work!!

Alex Duffield - Owner
InControl Solutions

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