using a email link that has a subject as an image link - Yahoo issue

Yahoo is only returning the first word in the subject:

When you hover over the image in the email it displays correctly in the bottom of the browser but when you click on the image it only has the word "Interested" in the subject of the email.

Any help would be appreciated.

creativeinstinct, 8 years ago

one more thing...the fonts aren't loading in Yahoo as well...

We have the style sheet set to Verdana and it is displaying Times in Yahoo.

is there a way to fix this?

BThies BThies, 8 years ago

Have you tried using " in Purchasing" without using the %20's?

I'm not sure which email clients automatically add the %20 upon clicking the link, but it may fix the issue.

Also, from your CSS are you assigning the font's class to a table, a <TD>, a <DIV> or a <SPAN>?  If it's a table within a table, the nested table needs to have the font assigned again, as font's from the master table don't carry down into nested tables.

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