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I don't know if I'm being paranoid or if I don't "get" email marketing or if there is something else that I am doing wrong.

Earlier this week, I sent out a text-based email newsletter with a quick update. I checked with 2 subscribers who I know personally to see if they received it, and their response was that they never received it. A quick check into the spam folder, and it wasn't there either.

I know their email addresses are correct because I work with these 2 individuals on a regular basis, so their email addresses as entered are correct.

I've done a quick report on the last 5 newsletter campaigns, and I'm averaging:

46.48% Open Rate
28.33% Click Rate
0.62% Bounces
Unsubscribes 0.37%
Complaints 0.1%

Our mailing list is now 304 subscribers deep. I don't know if these stats are "good". I read http://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/post/2395/all-about-email-open-rates/ and I'm wondering a few things:

- how to increase open and click through rates
- why some of my emails aren't hitting the inbox (or not being delivered at all)
- how I can optimize my emails for better performance.

Would love to hear some of your thoughts, tips or tricks you've used. I'm learning, but I think I still have a ways to go yet.



jkozuch jkozuch, 7 years ago

An update:

I ran into one of our mailing list subscribers last night, and he mentioned that he hasn't been receiving any newsletters for the past few months.

I've graduated from paranoid to suspicious. Is there something, ANYTHING, that I can do at this point? Am I spamming people? Am I being blacklisted? I can't think of anything I'm going wrong.

I've looked at previous campaigns, and there are quite a few links in each newsletter we send - is this the cause? Are emails not being delivered because of the number of links?


Justin Kozuch
Founder, Refresh Events
w: www.refresh-events.ca / e: justin@refresh-events.ca / t: http://twitter.com/RefreshEvents
typoman typoman, 7 years ago

Really understand you!
I tested my last newsletter but didn't run through our spam-filter. Our administrator was able to send me the report which was generated by our blocking-system so i could figure out what was wrong with my letter.

For my letter i found 2 things:
'klick here' was filtered - i used this for the webversion-link.
an the link 'read more' was twice in the letter an showed on the same page.

There was also mentioned that the server cmail2 was reported on a greylist or something like that. But i didn't really understood what the point is.

After the change of the 2 points above the letter run through. I did also the testing in Campagin Monitor an got a good result. So I look forward to the next letter an hope that it will pass most of filtering systems.

Hope you have access to a testing system for your letter too!


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