Triggering a email after someone has filled in a form and submitted it

I know the question might sound a bit lame, but I've been scratching my head on this one, going through the FAQ and API stuff and I'm just not getting it...

This is the Scenario

We're going to deploy 110000 emails for one of our clients, they want user personalization etc, no problem we do this all the time with Campaign Monitor.

The problem is this: Another company if building this client the micro site, not sure if it's going to be flash/PHP etc but that doesn't really bother me. The people receiving the email, are going o click a link in the mail to the website and then fill in a form, after which they want us to send that particular user a "thank you" follow up email.

How am i going to do this?
For one I'll know who the person is, because they would be part of my existing database. I'm assuming (wrong to assume i know) that the company building the micro site is going to have a DB on there side that they're populating with the captured form data.

How do we setup this to work in an automated fashion i.e:

1.Initial mail goes out as we deploy it
2.User gets the mail and clicks the link in the mailer
3.User goes to website fills in the form and hits submit
4.we then need to send a follow up email to say "thank you"

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated


dinominuzzo, 8 years ago

Thanks for the input, but that's just another system, with more costs...i just did a test though with something and maybe we can even spin some more business our way as well :) if anyone can tell me if i'm heading in the right direction...?

1. created an initial mailer (just text) and a "thank you" (also just text)
2. sent to DB (just me :P) with a link to my website and a very simple form with email and name field
3. filled in the form, submitted, got the "thank you" mailer a few seconds later

only thing is where is the captured data now? is it stored somewhere where i can export it etc?

This does look promising though? and not needing to go the API route just yet?

dinominuzzo, 8 years ago

Sorry enicola only saw the rest of your post now...did you mean the actual site

I've not used them before and we've used CM for a few years and it seems that there is a lot more functionality than i thought there was...i'm loath to try something new and this is for a well established banking client so i cannot screw it up, we've done many smaller campaigns for them in teh past 10-15k messages, but i also want to other more functionality and be different to the usual crowd here in SA who charge big and offer nothing in return not even plausible reporting

I think i might have just answered my own question though - the bit about where is the data from the form stored? seems its disappeared into the ether, or am i missing something again? sorry for the questions but i'm trying to figure it out as i go along

BThies BThies, 8 years ago

Why not have their site push the information to your own PHP form that'd simply send the automated thank you?

Whether they're using Flash/PHP/etc., the captured information could be pushed to their database AND pushed to any simple PHP form that you setup.  All the designer would need is the location of your PHP file, and you'd simply have to create that file (very easy to do).

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