Changing list subscriptions with Preference Center

Hi all,

The Preference Center help page states:

"The Preference Center also allows your subscribers to easily unsubscribe from and re-subscribe to different list."

I can't find this functionality anywhere, though - the closest I can find is editing custom fields (which of course can be used to segment lists). Is this what the page is referring to, or is there something I've missed?

Thanks in advance,


nik.o, 7 years ago

I have the same question.  Is it possible with the preference center for users to manage all their settings on multiple lists they are subscribed to from the one page?

RobinYoungblood RobinYoungblood, 7 years ago

I am adding a third interested party to this question. I am hoping my subscribers can manage which lists they want to belong to. Is this a possibility? And how do they get to that preference screen?

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