Mailbuild bounce settings

Quick Q - After looking around it seems that mailbuild is set to change a subscriber to a bounced subscriber after 3 soft bounces and one hard bounce. I just send a mailout to 3000 people on a clean list, and about 115 are now tagged as bounced - I just wanted to double check these will all have definately been hard bounces. Is there any way to keep track of the soft bounces, or the reason behind the bounce - as with CM?

Thanks in advance for any help


Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hey Alex,

Just to be clear, this forum is really for Campaign Monitor - to make sure you get a support answer, always best to email support at

Here is your answer though:
You can click on the '<Number> emails bounced' link for your report to see who bounced, and the reason for the bounce. Hard bounces will be unsubscribed straight away, soft bounces will be sent to again in the next campaign (until they have soft bounced 3 times, when they are considered hard bounced and unsubscribed).

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