So the Spam that all i get?

I just ran my first spam report - and it says fail for Outlook 03 and 07 - but how do i see WHY it may have failed. Is that as detailed as the spam report gets?... is it posted or emailed somewhere? How do I get more info other than the broad things on the site? Am i missing something here?......

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Unfortunately, the filter providers don't always give us reasons for why they have failed a campaign - any time we do get back reasons, you will see them right there in your reports.

Filter makers are understandably not keen on revealing how they work, but we agree it is pretty frustrating to get your email failed without any indication why.

If you have an Outlook installation you can send to directly, it would be worth trying to cut out half your content, and see if the other half still gets junked. That can help you narrow down the problem area, which is usually a word or phrase in the email.

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CengageHE, 8 years ago

Thanks - we know OE is painful, so this email is just a jpg with hotspots that links to a full flash version on the web. Therefore, we can't see why it would fail OE. Having said that, we tested it round the office and all the PC's got it fine. My mac however got the email quarantined! Go figure.

Jayneylou, 8 years ago

You've pretty much just answered the question on why it's getting listed as spam...

A low content to image ratio will trip up many spam filters.

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