Autorespond Emails

Hi !

Slightly odd question that I probably haven't thought through 100% yet ... but,

Is it possible to use campaign monitor to fire off autorespond emails from your website?

Example: Visitor comes to your site and wants to download product information. You ask him/her to complete a few fields and then they'll receive an email with the download link.

Could you set up a campaignmonitor campaign so that it fires off the pre-defined download email containing various download links, which you can then track against the contact info email address (to see what the visitor actually viewed/downloaded)?

I'm fairly certain that this isn't current available - but would it be of use to others - and is it possible? This would be superb on the kind of website I look after.



EDIT: Still looking round for a solution that can do this - I think 'aweber' may be able to perform this kind of function (for anyone interested).

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