unsubscribe and re subscribe


I am new to CampaignMonitor and have been testing the unsubscribe and have become confused on 1 issue. If a user clicks on unsubscribe link they get the message that they have been unsubscribed, they also get a chance to re subscribe by clicking on a link.

If the re subscribe link is clicked on they see another screen confirming that they have been re subscribed. Now this is where I have the problem as within CampaignMonitor the user is still on the supression list so they will not recieve further emails. Am I missing something? what is the point of lettinga user re subscribe if this does not infact move them back to the subscribers list?


davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hi worksdigital,

Every time someone unsubscribes, they are automatically added onto the suppression list. However, being on the suppression list does not prevent someone from being emailed, it simply prevents them from being imported into a new list.

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worksdigital, 8 years ago

ok thanks for the clarrification

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