Submit Form doesn't find cgi-bin formmail script

Email newsletter contains form for printing out and mailing. It also directs readers to the same form on the website, where it can be submitted online.  This form works fine if you go there directly. But when you go there from the campaign monitor link (which has the correct file plus all the campaign monitor addenda), hitting Submit results in a 404 - file not found.

Why would this be? And what can be done? I'd like to get rid of the CM addenda, but how?

davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hi bjassoc,

This is interesting, I'm not sure why that would be happening. Can you please get in touch with support so we can take a look at the actual code in action.

By the way, you can always tell Campaign Monitor to not convert the links into trackable links by adding cm_dontconvertlink tag to the link; for example: <a href="" cm_dontconvertlink>this is a link</a>

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bjassoc, 8 years ago

Thanks. I added the dontconvertlink code and that fixed it.

I did write to support earlier with the actual website info. Matthew wrote that " it looks like your website is not handling the Google Analytic parameters" and told me how to turn them off. (Hadn't realized it was google stuff.)

But  since dontconvertlink seems to have fixed the problem, I left in the other analytics.

Thanks for your advice. Who knows why!

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