Not receiving test campaign emails

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with receiving test campaign mails?
We get the confirmation that mails have been sent, but do not receive the test campaign.

Anyone else? Is this a CampaignMonitor issue that others are experiencing?

worksdigital, 8 years ago

Same problem here. Does this happen often?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Simon,

We got this sorted out via support but let us know if you have any other questions.

worksdigital, the previews are sent out right away. Sometimes though they might be filtered as spam, it could be a delay in delivery (like your ISP held it up on their end), something was wrong with your from address, etc. We'd generally suggest trying to send to another email address (web based account or something) at another domain just to see if it's just that it's a delivery issue to that domain. You can also try and talk to your mail admin to see if they can track it from your side.

D. Potter
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