Preview different from Dreamweaver to C/Send

Hey Guys,

I'm a newbie so please excuse me if you've covered this a million times before.

I've downloaded template-4-left-sidebar and adapted it in Dreamweaver by editing CSS Rules. The Live View in Dreamweaver looks fine as do Browser previews. All I'm doing is changing the fonts to arial, sans serifs and the font colours.

However, when I upload the revised template, images (zip inc css), the preview is completely different. Fonts and alignment are nothing like what I'm seeing in Dreamweaver.

Have I maybe done something wrong when trying to include the CSS? I'm using the 'Move CSS' command in Dreamweaver and creating a new css file within the Images folder. I'm then zipping the folder and uploading it with the template.

Any help greatly appreciated as I'm just about there with this one and only need to get the styles nailed.

I'm using Mac OS X 10.5.8, Firefox 3.5.2 and Dreamweaver CS4.

Thanks - Andy.

normandesign, 8 years ago

HTML emails will not recognize external CSS files.  Your CSS needs to be embedded within the HTML document itself, not in a separate file.  The only way to do this will be in code view.

Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 8 years ago

Normandesign, most of the templates provided by CM use seperate css files.

What happens is the css is then moved inline automatically. You can however keep your css in the head of the html if you choose... personally i prefer this as you dont need to then keep importing the images(or equivilent) zip all the time.

Greatcircle, why dont you download the template that has the seperate css already and just edit that?


alloystudio, 8 years ago

also, it's worth noting that you shouldn't be bothering with the 'preview' pane in dreamweaver as a representation of how it will actually look most anywhere. get used to the hotkeys for previewing in you're two primary browsers. dreamweaver is unable to show certain styles of displays them incorrectly.

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