Working with Segments to create 'do not receive' groups

I've searched the forum and cant seem to find this covered elsewhere...

I have a client who has dispatched the first phase of a campaign to around 900 subscribers. The campaign is a sales drive selling advertising in an upcoming publication.

The second pahse of the email campaign is ready to go out...

What I'd like to do is use segments to remove subscribers who have agreed to advertise or who have responded with a 'I am definitely not interested'.

I have created the segments and marked subscribers that fit each category.

What i want to do next is resend the campaign and exclude the 2 segments that I have recently created (around 100 subscribers) — leaving around 800 subscribers to receive phase 2 of the campaign.

I may be not be fully understanding how segments work, but it appears as though you can't use segments to 'opt out' of a campaign only to 'opt in'...

Is this correct? and if so, does anyone have a solution that will allow me to isolate (but leave in the list) the people who should not receive the 2nd email?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Teeluxe,

You'll want to create a third segment of everyone else to send to. It depends on how you created the first two segments. If you contact support we can take a look at the specific list and see if we can help you devise a way to easily create that segment for you.

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