Comparison chart?

Is there a comparison chart somewhere that shows *why* CampaignMonitor is better than ConstantContact and other competitors? A feature to feature chart is what I need. Is there one out there somewhere?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

We don't have that kind of chart I'm afraid - mainly because feature by feature comparison checklists are not that useful for most people. They don't show you how easy a feature is to use, or how it works, for example.

That said, if there is a feature you particularly need that you don't see in our feature list, please ask about it.

Campaign Monitor is focused on web designers, so it is all about giving the designer all the power and design flexibility and letting their clients get a super simple interface and excellent reporting.

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Colin_RocketNo9, 8 years ago

That's too bad. We have had around 5 clients interested in this product, and we cannot get them to sign on because we cannot justify to them why our product is better than ConstantContact when it is so much more expensive.

We are seriously considering scrapping this from our line of services because we can't sell it. You guys are one of the more expensive services out there, and yet you give very few tools to help us sell your product.

How are we supposed to compete with ConstantContact?? What are we doing wrong?

namita, 8 years ago

I too was looking to an answer to the same question. However I found this article which is comparing different email marketing software's with their pros and cons.

I think this will help you and others to see the cons ;) and compare with the relevant pro's of Campaign monitor.

Namita Ramani

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

The best way to understand how Campaign Monitor is better is to actually use it - the experience of actually creating and sending a campaign, and seeing the reporting is what we are all about.

That's the kind of thing that a comparison chart or checklist of features can never cover. What kind of information would you ideally like to see?

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