Creating template with external css recommended?

Hello there,

i first took one of the free templates, changed it with my favorite editor using an external stylesheet and then moved the css again back to the <head> - section.
Now i recognized that i can just import the template with the external css-file - CM will move all css inline.
When i have moved it to the <head> - section before it will just stay at it is - when i import the template with an external stylesheet CM will import all css to the <head> - section AND will create additional inline css to all the source-code.

So i could imagine that its better to import a template with external stylesheet, because it will produce additional inline css - and maybe the template would get a better compatibility?

What would you reccomend?

Kind regards,


fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

Typically it's what I'd do, especially when you can easily apply any style classes a lot easier, rather than individually hand-coding in-line CSS.

Obviously some may be more particular with their code and choose to do it the long way, but thanks to Campaign Monitor you don't have to and for me personally is one of the greatest features Campaign Monitor has to offer, aside from it's reporting. - Everything Email.
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