Can we get spell check?

I am trying to migrate all our clients over to using Campaign Monitor from other services. The biggest hang up for most of them is the lack of spell check. I know there are workarounds to this, but I think a spell check button in the WYSWIG editor or at least having the intelisense working in the post editor would be key functionality.

Is this possible? Would love to let our clients know if it is something that is in a future phase of development.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


We do get the occasional request for this, and we will add your vote. Many people already have spellcheck built into their OS or browser, so we just don't hear much about it, for now anyway.

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derek9pine derek9pine, 8 years ago

I have spell check on my browser and for some reason it does not work in the form field for that specific editor. It does for example work in this comment box, I get the intellisense spell check where it underlines it.

DavidMartin, 8 years ago


If you click the "Source" button, your intellisense spell check should work.  The reason you can't view your intellisense spell check while in WYSWIG mode is that you are actually viewing your content in a div, not a textarea form field.

I know it's a work-around, but I thought it might help in the meantime.



derek9pine derek9pine, 8 years ago


I can probably work with that for now. Thanks.

Yari, 7 years ago

I'll second that, my clients are asking for it as well, and even though the browser spell checker correctly highlights typos, when I right-click my mouse the CM Javascript is overriding it to only show the options Cut, Copy, Paste.

Any news since Derek's post?

Jarrod Jarrod, 7 years ago

Hi Yari, thanks for leaving your comment. I've added a vote on your behalf too.

We do receive lots of feature requests everyday and it is our task to prioritize them all. We don't have any immediate plans to implement this feature, but if it gets enough customers requesting it we will definitely consider including it.

Though they are not perfect, the workarounds mentioned above are your best option at the moment.

Yari, 7 years ago

Thanks for the update Jarrod.

My clients use Internet Explorer (Ugg) on Windows and Firefox on Mac, and cannot get a spell check on either as default. I'm sure Firefox is capable of doing this, but in their corporate environment they cannot use add-ons.

So in a nutshell, its still an issue.

Jarrod Jarrod, 7 years ago

Thanks Yari,

Your vote has been counted and we will let you know if we gather enough requests for this feature and include it as part of the editor.

To be honest, I would advise clients against preparing their campaigns in the browser anyway. I have seen cases where the browser has timed out or the connection is lost and campaign content has disappeared. Corporate environments will always have access to good old Microsoft Word - which has a spellchecker - and can be used in this case.

pjanelle, 6 years ago

You can add another request to the list. As a safety measure, it's never a bad a idea to spell check just before sending.

Jarrod Jarrod, 6 years ago

@pjanelle I've added your vote too, thanks.

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