No images displaying in Gmail

My text and layout works fine in Gmail however no images are showing up, only boxes with question marks inside.  It works fine in all the other email carriers except I've heard eudora is giving people problems as well.  I asked about this and was told that sometimes if the image path has a space in it it might mess it up, however I checked that and none of them do.  Any suggestions?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Have you clicked the 'show images in this email' link for that message? By default they won't show up.

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artandculture-bf, 8 years ago

Yes, this is what is shown after clicking on the 'show images' link.

artandculture-bf, 8 years ago

Also, if you view it in gmail using firefox, after clicking 'show images' all that show up are small, vertical red lines where the images should be.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Do your images have spaces in the file names or anything like that? Gmail doesn't like spaces or special characters, it's just extra weird about them (compared to other email clients).

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
artandculture-bf, 8 years ago

Nope, no spaces or special characters. 

I'm not sure if it's something in the script wither because it works on other emails and in the CM preview.

Are there any other things that affect gmail that might be my problem?

adamfitzgerald, 8 years ago

Ditto over here:

<img src="" height="32" width="39">

Those image tags auto-created by CM do not show up "after" the show images is pressed in Firefox Gmail. All images externally linked in my newsletter reveal themselves, but all images part of the template itself do not reveal...

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

I would try removing the "+2" part of your folder name there, which could be the root cause - let us know if that doesn't help.

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Blake, 8 years ago

Hi Nathan,

These problems in Gmail are usually due to spaces and other special characters in the image path. Would you be able to let us know the image path for an example image that isn't working and we can let you know what might be causing the problem?

natechien, 8 years ago

Thanks Blake. Yes it was a space in the image folder name. My fault. Thanks for your help!!

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