Image not showing

My new campaign looked great in the preview email sent for testing, so we sent it out properly. However, when we did that the header image is not showing - now it did show in the review so I'm at a loss to explain it (and I am low down in the food chain enough that I have to provide an explanation) - I produced this one by first creating a html page and them importing via the interface. I looked at the code for the sent campaign emails and the header image is shown as this -

So there's a . missing, so I know why the image isn't showing but how do I explain that to my boss? How do I ensure that it never happens again and how do I make them happy to keep using the system?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


That's not something we've seen happen before - can you contact support with some more details (which campaign, which email client etc) and we can take a look for you. Sorry for your trouble.

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kanear, 7 years ago

It's still happening - I need an email to go out in an hour, has anyone else found this???

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