Campaign Monitor site REALLY slow


I'm based in the UK and have come back to using CM after a 6 month break. (I joined a new company and have persuaded them to use it for e-marketing.

I remember the site being super quick and responsive, however now I find pages taking 20 secs to load and occasionally failing altogether. I'm on a 20Mb broadband connection and every other website works fine.

Any ideas as to why? It has been a little embarrassing after saying "check out this amazing cool emarketing tool......" and then having to wait for every page to load!



kennethbrogger, 8 years ago

Hi Paul and

I have used Campaignmonitor for some weeks now, and the site has been very fast until now. It's only today that it's slow. I think it might be because, where the domaincertificate is being certified, is down.

Can anyone confirm this, or tell us whats up with the site?

n_tag, 8 years ago

Would be just my luck to pick the day it struggles! Thanks for the info

Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 8 years ago

Same problem here... (also UK based)

Bit sluggish all day, returning error pages on occasion.

Appears to be timing out now when trying to login... grim.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Our apologies for that, we were having some issues earlier. It should all be back to normal now, but if you're still seeing errors and such let us know.

D. Potter
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