I've just been reading up on using segments in Mail Build and it looks really useful but could someone explain the benefits of using segments instead of just creating multiple subscriber lists?  Is it generally because it works out the members of each segment automatically, whereas using different lists relies on someone manually tracking subscribers and making sure their data is still relevant?

Ali :o)

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hey Ali,

Segments are a good way to keep everyone in the same list, so all your bounces and unsubscribe information is all kept together, and there is no chance of duplicate addresses. You can still send to the whole list easily too, and get reports accordingly.

As you say, it also is totally automated - if someone signs up to your list and fits the criteria for one of your segments, they will automatically be added to that segment for you. That can save a lot of time and trouble.

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tbianco tbianco, 9 years ago

Having worked in the email marketing department for World Vision I can say that Segments are EXTREMELY helpful. Here's how we used segments. First off a segment is a list of people that meet some type of parameter and it is best used to select a group of emails that are to get a specific email address.

For example, we had segments for people who were corporate donors and they would receive information that pertained to them. On another list we had people who were sponsoring a child so they would get their own custom email pertaining to having sponsored a child. Again on another segment it was for people who were donating for a specific marketing.

Using segments we were able to send a general information in the email that might have had specific area of content in each email that pertained only to that segment.

Now, I'm not sure if Campaign Monitor does this and if it did I would be pretty happy, using segments you should be able to filter people who are a hotmail address or gmail address and then send them an email designed just for those email clients.

At least that is what we did.

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