Not receiving test emails, to Outlook, Hotmail or Gmail

Is anyone else having any issues with Campaign Monitor today?  We have not been able to receive emails to our Selesti email addresses since yesterday afternoon.  And as of approx 1pm (GMT) today we are now not receiving any of the test emails to Hotmail or Gmail either.

Can somebody help?  We had approx. 10 email campaigns that needed to go out today, but cannot send out without the tests being approved.


Account Manager

adrian109, 7 years ago

Yes I am having the same problem, a client of ours has just emailed me saying that the test campaigns he sent out earlier today he has not received.  Normally he receives them fine.  I have also done my own test delivery and like him have not received any emails.

Seems to me that Campaign Monitor email system is not working or there is a huge backlog somewhere?

Can anyone at Campaign Monitor shed any light on this problem for us.


mike.thomas, 7 years ago

Us three.
Got a test through to hotmail a couple of hours ago but now nothing since.

Phil Wardour, 7 years ago

I am having the same problem - emailed for advice via Help section, but no reply as yet. Maybe that email is not working either?

Rade, 7 years ago

Phil Wardour, 7 years ago

Cheers for the link Rade - the problems appears bigger than just hotmail/webmail tho' as at this point I am simply trying to send a test email to client who have had no probs with spam before and are not on webmail...

Rade, 7 years ago

Yes, I'm having the same troubles.

studiorepublic, 7 years ago

Still ongoing then - some getting through, some not...

DavidW, 7 years ago

Me too. I sent out a small campaign this afternoon. 3 hours later, confirmation not arrived, 20% bounces, half of them about 45 minutes ago – an address of among them as well as several contributors. The other e-mail address of mine in the list hasn’t received and hasn’t bounced either.

travisbell travisbell, 7 years ago

Hey guys,

We are still experiencing issues with the block and will make sure to update the blog post as soon as more information develops.

It is likely to be affecting others since the block is at Spamhaus. Any providers using them will likely see mail get blocked/bounced as well.

As always, if you've had a campaign with a lower than average delivery rate email in to support and we can arrange to have those subscribers credited for.

Thanks, and sorry about all this!

Travis Bell
stondin, 7 years ago

Same here.... I'm not getting any successful test campaigns out at this point. Media Temple is my main test account and I'm not receiving emails at all. Same with gmail and hotmail accounts. Any idea on a time fix guys?


loveeco, 7 years ago

Is there any news on this please?

I have a campaign that should have gone out yesterday but I am unable to test.

Please can you update us urgently? When will I be able to send my campaign?

Thank you.


Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi Becky and Dan,

Our currently active IPs are no longer listed on Spamhaus. That being said, some providers using Spamhaus may not have updated their lists yet.

At this point, it would be safe to send your campaign, and just keep an eye on the bounces. If you do see an unusual number of bounces, email us and we'll give you email credits to resend to the bounced addresses.


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