Non-tracking, Internal, Seeds?

Does Campaign Monitor support seeds?

If not, they're handy. You can send to internal recipients, for instance, who want to be copied on an email campaign, but shouldn't be tracked in the stats.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

We don't have specific seed features - they've not really been requested in the past. Typically the one or two seed addresses don't have much impact on the reporting, so people just tend to add them to the normal list.

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wtkad, 7 years ago

I know this is old, but this is exactly the feature I wanted to request.  We have around 20 people in our company who want copies of all emails (mostly customer service), and some of our segments only have 30-50 people, so it makes a big difference!

It'd also be a huge help for A/B testing - I'd really like for employees to get both versions, so they'll know what's going on.  Plus, those opens and clicks shouldn't count for which version wins, and sometimes those differences can be small.

I'm more than willing to pay for sending to these addresses as I do now, I'll even pay 2 cents for the seed list on A/B tests so they get both copies, if you want.  Just wanted to add my vote for this feature, in case it might be considered someday.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi wtkad, I've added your vote for this. As Mat said earlier, it's not something that gets requested often, but we'll certainly give it our consideration. Many thanks for letting us know!

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