Arrgh - Campaign Approval

Wasn't aware of the campaign approval process and have been hit badly by the potential delay. E-mail already delayed due to graphic designer and I now have less than three hours to send this out - Monday is not an option...

I've not had any response about my application yet - what's the current waiting time and when should I get confirmation that the process has begun/completed?

Thanks for any assistance.

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago

Hi there,

Sorry to hear that is snuck up on you. We try to make sure it's obvious!

We generally get back to you within only a few hours (during business hours) so you should have heard from us by now. If not, feel free to email support and we can track it down.

Travis Bell
amosridl, 8 years ago

Yep I'm in the same boat folks. Out of interest, what are the support hours ? Do you approve campaigns at the weekend?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Yes, we well reply within 12 hours any day, including weekends. We have staff in North America, Europe and Australia so it very rarely will take that long.

Get in touch with us on Twitter:
We're also on Facebook:
ibert, 8 years ago

Hey guys, same problem here. I've launched my request about 16 hours ago, and still no approval. I'm trying to pull a big client across here (+100 000 mails in the coming week) but now we're stuck :(

Can somebody please have a look at our campaign asap? It's under the one-agency account ... please.


amosridl, 8 years ago

Cheers Mathew, all approved.

firebrandyouth, 8 years ago

....that's a whole weekend passed and no approval yet.

Have to send today and have to admit that I'm disappointed that the first time I got to use CM for a real campaign has been such a disaster. It's almost "refund time" if CM can't approve a mailing list built from 30 years' business...

firebrandyouth, 8 years ago

Sorted, thanks Campaign Monitor.

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