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I'm going to be offering this service to my clients some are already exited since most are using systems like PHPLits and others using paid systems that they are not too happy with.

Most of my clients are small business and not too computer savvy, Campaign Monitor will defiantly be a good up sell. However, I’m still not clear on some details.

• When a campaign is set up by a client (most will not have more than 1,000 subscribers), will they run into any issue like getting approved?

• In one topic I read something about a fee for Spam check? I’m not sure what this is can anyone explain?

• Aside from the $5 + 1 cent fee will the client ever see any other fees from Campaign Monitor? Obviously I will increase and add template fees etc… but I just want to make sure when I give a client a price I don’t want them to find an unexpected fee some where else.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi fivepix,

Your clients would need to be approved before they can send the first time. You can read about how the approval process works here.

Regarding the spam check, we have a totally option design and spam testing tool, you can see some details about it here. It's $5 per test and you can either give your clients access or not, plus you can mark up the price on that as well.

With the pricing, that's all we charge. We don't have any set up fees or anything like that.

If you have any other questions just let us know.

D. Potter
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