Add an unsubscribe message to the plain-text versions

I have received an email (from campaign monitor)and have been asked to add an unsubscribe message to the plain text versions.

I have been looking for an option to change the language or at least adjust it into Ducth.

I am working only with HTML emails, I have added with an unsubscribe page on our own website, added this url into the email.

When I look into the unsubscribe settings, I have 2 options:
1. Unsubscribe them from all of this client's lists (recommended) or Only unsubscribe them from this list.
2. Redirect unsubscribers to your own confirmation page

I do not see a possibility to adjust the English text that appears after an unsubscribe.

Hope someone can direct me to the page where I can change this.

Thanks in advance,

hzcinfo, 8 years ago

Perfect answer from Campaign Monitor! see below!

Go into your campaign, below content you see
1. HTML version       Using <your template> template (View a preview or change template)
2. Auto-generated plain text version    Preview or edit

Now click on edit at option 2 and scroll down you will see an english text translate it, save it and done!

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