i wanted to ask the Support and i think in the name of others, why CM is not supporting different languages.
And maybe the Date Formats of the Countries could be editable, too?

Would be happy to get some Response.

Thanks CM.

realt, 7 years ago

I vote for this one! A translation at the back-end would make all the difference for my dutch clientbase.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

At this time, we're not planning to make Campaign Monitor available in other languages - it is a very big job, and has a lot of ongoing costs associated with it, and right now we'd rather use our resources improving and adding to Campaign Monitor for all customers.

We do appreciate your interest, and we'll certainly record your request for the date format too.

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elmundodelexito, 7 years ago

I was thinking about asking this question too. I understand that might be huge job. I hope in the future...

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tolby, 7 years ago

The translation could bring more users. Facebook has made this step and it was a big success

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